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We’re back!

Posted by on September 17, 2018

Hello everyone!

Well, I had a lovely holiday! I did bouncing, snoozing, stealing cake, more snoozing, lots of walkies, stealing sandwiches and lots and lots of snuggling.  What more could a dog ask for from a holiday?

My mum went on holiday (without me, might I add) but I went to stay with the lovely Ospreys teacher, Miss Mitchell.  I was very spoiled there even though I ate most of the plants from their patio and stole a box of Malteasers within 5 minutes of arriving.  Miss Mitchell said that the plants were dead anyway and it didn’t matter.  That’s why they looked like sticks! I love sticks.  They’re ace! So brown and crunchy.

I didn’t actually get to eat any Malteasers as they all pinged out of the box as I celebrated in the garden.  The box was delicious though.

While I was there, someone who lived nearby decided to set of some very loud bangy things Miss Mitchell said were called fireworks.  I didn’t like them at all and they made me cry and do woofing while people were trying to sleep.  Luckily, Miss Mitchell is super lovely and she came downstairs and snuggled me to sleep.  She slept too so I must have been doing good cuddles.


It was very hot while I was there so they pointed this silver whirly thing at me which dried out my tongue but did help me feel less hot.


They also made me delicious, meaty ice lollies which I was allowed to eat in the garden.  Mmmmm, meaty coldness.



I had such a lovely time but was happy to see my family when they got back.  My mum says I’m a massive cuddle monster as I like to sit on her and snuggle.  She says I’m way too big to do this but I’m such a good boy that she lets me do it anyway.

It’s quite tiring being back at school as I’ve had to resniff the whole area in case something has changed.  I discovered a new shed on the playground filled with books instead of garden tools! There’s lots of comfy, squishy places to sit and read in there.  Being a dog, reading is a challenge as I struggle to turn the pages.  Luckily, Layla and Chloe were there to do that for me.  Thanks guys!

Mum’s given me some paperwork to look over but I’m just too snoozy. I’ll do it later.

Feel free to give me a stroke when you see me and tell me about your holidays!

Woof for now!

Sherlock xxx   


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