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Confessions of a cake monster

Posted by on March 2, 2018

Apologies that I have not blogged for a while, the people in charge of this website were making some changes. But I’m back! Woohoo!

I need to use this post to apologise.  I’ve been a naughty pup, or what some people might call, a typical Labrador.

Firstly, to Daniel in Dragonflies class.  There I was, just having a little sniff around while my Mum, Miss Davies and Miss Mitchell ate their lunch.  When all of a sudden, as I wandered past a shiny silver lump on the table, I smelled the most delicious smell.  It would have been rude not to investigate further so I gave the shiny silver stuff a little nudge with my nose.  I could hardly believe my luck – cake!  Freedom cake to be precise, made as homework by Daniel for his class to share.  I didn’t even think, I just went for it, taking the most enormous bite knowing full well I’d have to move quickly.  I wouldn’t have even got the first bite if my mum hadn’t fallen over a glue stick in a rush to stop me.  She was mad!  Anyway, the cake was quickly removed, no longer displaying the word ‘freedom’ across its delicious, golden top.  They will have to rename the Year 5 topic, ‘fre’ as that’s all that was left.

Secondly, to the George Spencer girls who made a tin of cakes to sell for charity.  Apparently, eating any cake that isn’t mine is bad but eating charity cake is a crime.  Everyone was busy with the staff meeting.  The cakes were left at dog face height.  The smell overwhelmed me.  I’d eaten half of them before someone yelled, ‘He’s eating the charity cakes!’  Not sure who dobbed me in.  I will donate some money to charity to make up for this terrible behaviour.

Finally, to my mum, who’d made herself a cuppa and set a muffin carefully down beside her computer while she logged on.  She never got to taste that muffin.  It was ace but I tried to play it down.

I will also take this opportunity to apologise for any future cakes that I will eat.  I am a good boy in so many ways and I’m working hard to overcome my cake obsession.  That is, until I smell cake, then all bets are off!

I hope you’re not too cross with me, children of Chetwynd!

Big snuggles to you all.

Woof for now!


One Response to Confessions of a cake monster

  1. Angel grace coles

    To Sherlock can you one day talk about me angel . I love you. You are greedy. So I am greedy my self. On tuseday im going on holi day to York. I WILL save you some. You the best dog ever . See you sone. Have a great easter holiday. Love angel.Be safe.

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