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Hang on a minute…

Posted by on December 11, 2017

Me: Check out this awesome stick!
Mum: Sherlock, you cannot bring that in the house.
Me: Did you hear the bit where I said it was awesome?
Mum: Leave it outside!
Me: My poor stick, it’ll get cold.
Mum: Leave it!

This was the conversation we had at the weekend. I’m NEVER allowed sticks in the house as apparently they live outside. Then this happened…


Not just one stick, but a whole tree appears in the living room! You can see my confusion; sticks live outside but trees don’t?  They made the tree look all fancy by hanging shiny stuff all over it.  Maybe if I did that to my stick, it could stay inside!

Anyway, all I’ve figured out so far, is that we’re celebrating something called Christmas which means you’re allowed to bring half a forest into the house but no one’s allowed to eat it.  Or the papery, ribbony things they keep putting underneath it.  It’s all really bizarre and confusing for a young pup!

Is this normal human behaviour?  Please let me know as I’m starting to worry about my family.

The only plus side is there’s a singing tree on the fireplace that I enjoy listening to.  That guy really has talent!

Woof for now!

Sherlock xx

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  1. Angel grace coles

    that is so cool I wish you were mine.

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