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Planting trees

Posted by on November 22, 2017

It was very exciting yesterday afternoon in the Forest Schools area.  I saw some children and parents along with Miss Mitchell and Mrs Mears heading out there in wellies yesterday afternoon and being the nosy pup that I am, decided to follow them.

There was a man there from The Woodlands Trust that Miss Mitchell had contacted and he had brought lots of  plants with him.  He said they were trees which I thought was funny as they were so little!  Apparently they get a lot bigger when you plant them in the soil.

Anyway, there were shovels and as you know from my previous blog, I am awesome at gardening so I thought I’d be able to help.  The Woodland Trust want to plant hundreds of trees in the UK and Chetwynd are helping by planting some of them right here in our Forest Schools area.  Brilliant!

Evidence of my excellent digging skills

I didn’t get to use a shovel as I got hugely distracted by some delicious grass, so I left the digging to the lovely Year 2 children and their parents.  Well done to you all!

Woof for now! xx

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