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A dog birthday party

Posted by on October 7, 2017

My friend Harley

Human birthday cake

Dog birthday cake

This weekend, I went to my good friend Harley’s 13th birthday party.  This was my first party so I didn’t know what to expect but I absolutely loved it!  There was a lot of cake for the humans and a special cake that Harley and I were allowed to eat.

Harley got lots of great presents but he wasn’t keen on sharing.  I did manage to sneak off with one of his new chewy bones but he found me and became quite growly.  He’s much bigger than me so I gave it back. He’s scary when he’s cross with me!  I’m told he’s grumpy because he’s old but I still love him. I want to lick his face all the time!!!! He is not a fan of this.

Anyway, I really like parties.  I wonder if there’ll be parties at school when I start?

In other news, I had my 12 week vaccinations today and will be going for my first walk in a week. I can’t wait! I’ve also learned how to do a high five. Clever me!!

Very tired so woof for now!

Sherlock x

4 Responses to A dog birthday party

  1. Harley

    Thank you for coming to my birthday party Sherlock and for my present, a lovely cone of doggy biscuits.

    I look forward to seeing you today. I do love you but at thirteen I do get tired easily so you’ll have to excuse me if I get a bit grumpy! If you’re good today I will let you have one of my birthday treats!

    Harley x

  2. Hannah McGowan

    Hello Sherlock I am very glad you have joined our school and have been telling my dog Moji all about you. He is also a black Labrador and when he was a puppy he also chewed a lot of things like shoes,books and half my teddys ear. He was very excited to hear about you and made me promise to read him all of your blogs.

    Love Hannah and Moji xxxx

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