We’re back!

Hello everyone!

Well, I had a lovely holiday! I did bouncing, snoozing, stealing cake, more snoozing, lots of walkies, stealing sandwiches and lots and lots of snuggling.  What more could a dog ask for from a holiday?

My mum went on holiday (without me, might I add) but I went to stay with the lovely Ospreys teacher, Miss Mitchell.  I was very spoiled there even though I ate most of the plants from their patio and stole a box of Malteasers within 5 minutes of arriving.  Miss Mitchell said that the plants were dead anyway and it didn’t matter.  That’s why they looked like sticks! I love sticks.  They’re ace! So brown and crunchy.

I didn’t actually get to eat any Malteasers as they all pinged out of the box as I celebrated in the garden.  The box was delicious though.

While I was there, someone who lived nearby decided to set of some very loud bangy things Miss Mitchell said were called fireworks.  I didn’t like them at all and they made me cry and do woofing while people were trying to sleep.  Luckily, Miss Mitchell is super lovely and she came downstairs and snuggled me to sleep.  She slept too so I must have been doing good cuddles.


It was very hot while I was there so they pointed this silver whirly thing at me which dried out my tongue but did help me feel less hot.


They also made me delicious, meaty ice lollies which I was allowed to eat in the garden.  Mmmmm, meaty coldness.



I had such a lovely time but was happy to see my family when they got back.  My mum says I’m a massive cuddle monster as I like to sit on her and snuggle.  She says I’m way too big to do this but I’m such a good boy that she lets me do it anyway.

It’s quite tiring being back at school as I’ve had to resniff the whole area in case something has changed.  I discovered a new shed on the playground filled with books instead of garden tools! There’s lots of comfy, squishy places to sit and read in there.  Being a dog, reading is a challenge as I struggle to turn the pages.  Luckily, Layla and Chloe were there to do that for me.  Thanks guys!

Mum’s given me some paperwork to look over but I’m just too snoozy. I’ll do it later.

Feel free to give me a stroke when you see me and tell me about your holidays!

Woof for now!

Sherlock xxx   


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Confessions of a cake monster

Apologies that I have not blogged for a while, the people in charge of this website were making some changes. But I’m back! Woohoo!

I need to use this post to apologise.  I’ve been a naughty pup, or what some people might call, a typical Labrador.

Firstly, to Daniel in Dragonflies class.  There I was, just having a little sniff around while my Mum, Miss Davies and Miss Mitchell ate their lunch.  When all of a sudden, as I wandered past a shiny silver lump on the table, I smelled the most delicious smell.  It would have been rude not to investigate further so I gave the shiny silver stuff a little nudge with my nose.  I could hardly believe my luck – cake!  Freedom cake to be precise, made as homework by Daniel for his class to share.  I didn’t even think, I just went for it, taking the most enormous bite knowing full well I’d have to move quickly.  I wouldn’t have even got the first bite if my mum hadn’t fallen over a glue stick in a rush to stop me.  She was mad!  Anyway, the cake was quickly removed, no longer displaying the word ‘freedom’ across its delicious, golden top.  They will have to rename the Year 5 topic, ‘fre’ as that’s all that was left.

Secondly, to the George Spencer girls who made a tin of cakes to sell for charity.  Apparently, eating any cake that isn’t mine is bad but eating charity cake is a crime.  Everyone was busy with the staff meeting.  The cakes were left at dog face height.  The smell overwhelmed me.  I’d eaten half of them before someone yelled, ‘He’s eating the charity cakes!’  Not sure who dobbed me in.  I will donate some money to charity to make up for this terrible behaviour.

Finally, to my mum, who’d made herself a cuppa and set a muffin carefully down beside her computer while she logged on.  She never got to taste that muffin.  It was ace but I tried to play it down.

I will also take this opportunity to apologise for any future cakes that I will eat.  I am a good boy in so many ways and I’m working hard to overcome my cake obsession.  That is, until I smell cake, then all bets are off!

I hope you’re not too cross with me, children of Chetwynd!

Big snuggles to you all.

Woof for now!


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Hang on a minute…

Me: Check out this awesome stick!
Mum: Sherlock, you cannot bring that in the house.
Me: Did you hear the bit where I said it was awesome?
Mum: Leave it outside!
Me: My poor stick, it’ll get cold.
Mum: Leave it!

This was the conversation we had at the weekend. I’m NEVER allowed sticks in the house as apparently they live outside. Then this happened…


Not just one stick, but a whole tree appears in the living room! You can see my confusion; sticks live outside but trees don’t?  They made the tree look all fancy by hanging shiny stuff all over it.  Maybe if I did that to my stick, it could stay inside!

Anyway, all I’ve figured out so far, is that we’re celebrating something called Christmas which means you’re allowed to bring half a forest into the house but no one’s allowed to eat it.  Or the papery, ribbony things they keep putting underneath it.  It’s all really bizarre and confusing for a young pup!

Is this normal human behaviour?  Please let me know as I’m starting to worry about my family.

The only plus side is there’s a singing tree on the fireplace that I enjoy listening to.  That guy really has talent!

Woof for now!

Sherlock xx

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Planting trees

It was very exciting yesterday afternoon in the Forest Schools area.  I saw some children and parents along with Miss Mitchell and Mrs Mears heading out there in wellies yesterday afternoon and being the nosy pup that I am, decided to follow them.

There was a man there from The Woodlands Trust that Miss Mitchell had contacted and he had brought lots of  plants with him.  He said they were trees which I thought was funny as they were so little!  Apparently they get a lot bigger when you plant them in the soil.

Anyway, there were shovels and as you know from my previous blog, I am awesome at gardening so I thought I’d be able to help.  The Woodland Trust want to plant hundreds of trees in the UK and Chetwynd are helping by planting some of them right here in our Forest Schools area.  Brilliant!

Evidence of my excellent digging skills

I didn’t get to use a shovel as I got hugely distracted by some delicious grass, so I left the digging to the lovely Year 2 children and their parents.  Well done to you all!

Woof for now! xx

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I love school!

Well, what a crazy couple of weeks it has been!
My life as a school dog is now in full swing- I have been so busy!
So, I thought I’d let you know what I get up to each day.
I sit on the gate in the morning to say hello to everyone as they come in, which is great because I get so many cuddles!  I then sometimes go into class to help; I have learned so much Maths recently that I think I could go on Mastermind, my specialist subject being division of biscuits between my pup friends.  Last week, I did some reading with a lovely boy called Aaron.  He read me a David Walliams book which I greatly enjoyed!

Everyone is being so nice to me that I actually feel like a bit of a celebrity in school!  My Mum says that no one says hello to her anymore but it’s bound to happen – I’m way cuter than her 🙂  Thanks Dragonflies class for writing all those lovely letters to persuade me to come and hang out with you – I’m totally in!  I know I only came for a little cuddle last time but I’ll come and work with you more soon.

My puppy classes are going really well.  I listen, work hard and get to eat lots of treats.  My teacher says I’m easy to train because I love food but I think I’m just a clever sausage.

Anyway, best be off, I’ve got to teach Polecats this afternoon.  A pup’s work is never done!

Still, afterwards, I get to do this…

Woof for now! xxx

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My first day at Chetwynd

Wow! The last two days have been crazy!  I have met so many new people, had so many cuddles, smelled so many new smells and eaten many small pom poms I found in the corridor.  A job well done I say!

Yesterday, I did my first assembly. I was a little nervous as everyone was staring at me but I got lots of dog biscuits – especially when I did a high five.  Everyone wanted to know all about me which was really lovely and made me feel very welcome.

I had my first maths lesson today in Polecats.  I still don’t understand prime and square numbers but I’m sure the Year sixes can explain it to me again. I may have wandered to the back of the room for a nibble on Thomas’ shoelaces during the important bit. He didn’t mind though as he gave me lots of strokes. Thanks Thomas! I snuggled up by Hannah’s feet for a while to eat my bone and Ellis kept sneakily trying to attract me over to his seat. They all seemed to be working hard though, even when I began eating their flip paper.  They’re so understanding.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Skye and Esme for my presents – I love them!  Also, thank you Ilona for being so happy to see me. It’s nerve wracking being a little dog in a big school.  I really appreciate it.

Sorry Mrs Tonks for the wee I did in your office.  I’ll figure it all out soon.

I can’t wait to get to know you all better.  Hope you all have good reports from your teachers this week and a fab half term.  I’ll keep you posted with my holiday adventures!

Woof for now! Xxxx



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A dog birthday party

My friend Harley

Human birthday cake

Dog birthday cake

This weekend, I went to my good friend Harley’s 13th birthday party.  This was my first party so I didn’t know what to expect but I absolutely loved it!  There was a lot of cake for the humans and a special cake that Harley and I were allowed to eat.

Harley got lots of great presents but he wasn’t keen on sharing.  I did manage to sneak off with one of his new chewy bones but he found me and became quite growly.  He’s much bigger than me so I gave it back. He’s scary when he’s cross with me!  I’m told he’s grumpy because he’s old but I still love him. I want to lick his face all the time!!!! He is not a fan of this.

Anyway, I really like parties.  I wonder if there’ll be parties at school when I start?

In other news, I had my 12 week vaccinations today and will be going for my first walk in a week. I can’t wait! I’ve also learned how to do a high five. Clever me!!

Very tired so woof for now!

Sherlock x

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Gardens are amazing!

So, I absolutely LOVE the garden!  It’s green and full of excellent smells.  If I was going to rank my favourite smells, it would go like this:

  1. Cat poo
  2. My own poo
  3. The air
  4. Flowers
  5. Snails

I helped with the gardening this weekend which everyone was very pleased about as they’re always moaning about what hard work it is.  After eating some of the new turf to save on mowing, I dug a small hole (in case anyone wanted to plant a flower), I ate what were once the contents of the hole (just to keep everything nice and tidy) and even used some tools!

Just helping a bit with the edging

Professional digging without paws

I’m so good, I may have my own gardening show soon.  I think I’ll call it, ‘Doggy Designs’ or ‘Sherlock’s Show Gardens’.  Of course, if anyone has any good ideas for a name, I’d love to hear them.  I know I’m going to be a school dog but there’s no reason why I can’t dabble in show business, especially as I’m getting very good at following direction.  I can now sit, wait, come and say please when the Whileys tell me to – pretty good eh?  I am a clever sausage.  Now, if I could just stop eating the sofa…

Not long until my 12 week vaccinations and I’ll be coming to see you all.

Until then, woof for now! xxx


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Hello World!

Well, where do I begin?

First of all, I’ve been living with the Whileys for the last 2 weeks. It was weird at first as all my brothers and sisters weren’t there to play with, snooze with and generally nibble on.  However, I have 4 new humans and sofas to nibble on instead! They don’t seem to like it though as they keep walking away from me or woofing at me loudly when I do it. I’m no expert, but I’m not sure it’s normal for humans to woof is it? Strange.  Anyway, I’m slowly stopping doing that now as they let me chew on cardboard boxes instead, which I love!!! I also get lots of cuddles when I don’t nibble so I must try to resist. They just need to buy a less delicious sofa.
I’m going to the toilet in the garden more now, which they also seem to like as they go bonkers when I wee out there. I don’t celebrate when they go to the toilet. Must be another weird human thing. They REALLY don’t like it when I eat cat poo but it’s just as delicious as sofas and cardboard so what’s a pup to do?  Think I just need to be more sneaky.

I’m going to be a school dog which sounds exciting! I don’t know what that is but I’m generally excited about everything so, woohoo!  Today, I met lots of new people at this new building they call a school and they were all very nice to me. I’ll be seeing a lot more of them I’m sure.


I’m very sleepy now as I’m only a baby but I’ll keep you all posted with my new discoveries.

Woof for now!

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