Confessions of a cake monster

Apologies that I have not blogged for a while, the people in charge of this website were making some changes. But I’m back! Woohoo! I need to use this post to apologise.  I’ve been a naughty pup, or what some people might call, a typical Labrador. Firstly, to Daniel in Dragonflies class.  There I was, […]

Posted at 4pm on 3/2/18 | 1 comment | Filed Under: It's a dog's life

Hang on a minute…

Me: Check out this awesome stick! Mum: Sherlock, you cannot bring that in the house. Me: Did you hear the bit where I said it was awesome? Mum: Leave it outside! Me: My poor stick, it’ll get cold. Mum: Leave it! This was the conversation we had at the weekend. I’m NEVER allowed sticks in […]

Posted at 11am on 12/11/17 | no comments | Filed Under: It's a dog's life

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